USS Fitzgerald

When I first heard about what happened to the USS Fitzgerald, I went to my husband. I sat the tablet down in front of him. I said the CO was helicopter off and 7 were missing. 

“They are dead,” my husband said.

I began to pray for their families. I had a silver of hope that maybe they’d find them standing in water. But my husband who has been on 2 ships said: it was the corner birthing. It holds 9. I bet you those who were top side river were grateful for their watch. He pointed where the CO was. And you knew why he was hurt.

As the names were released my prayers changed. It changed to those ~100 others that were there at 1am. Those who got out. Those who tried to save those. To those who right now have scenarios running through their head about how they could have saved 7 of their friends. 

I’m going to guess it was the corner bunk. 9 people bunk. Were the 2 others on watch. Did they get out? What is running through their minds. 

PTSD, survivor guilt, etc.

And the CO will be fired. Yes he was hurt. But you have to place blame somewhere. People will be fired. New drills will be made. A safety video, training, etc so if this happens again maybe no one would die.

To the 300 on that ship my prayers are with you.

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