Murder Witness

My oldest who is an adult asked me to take him to Seaport Village. So I said yes. He’s visiting us.

We were walking around. Passing one bridge over an area of the water. 

I saw a mama duck with ducklings. Pointed them out. As we once had ducks. 

My oldest asked if the mama duck was drowning one of her babies. I said I think she’s cleaning it. 

I walked past it but my oldest said come back. I looked into the water and saw the duckling dead. Just floating around face down. 

I will assume someone touched the duckling.

I watched 2 males attacking the mom. The other ducklings came over. The dead ducklings just sitting there. 

I watched the people who were watching the ducklings. Did they realize they just witnessed a murder? Did one of them touch the duckling. I mean why did a mama duck murdered her baby?

Basically when a mama ducks kills a duckling is because she considers an intruder. So why did this mama see this baby as an intruder?

It’s hard to grasp wildlife. 

We had ducks as one duty station.  We had 2 cayuga ducks, 3 Pekins, and 1 mallard ducks.

We got ducklings at separate times. Having to introduce them. We got the Pekins first. Then got the cayuga and mallard ducklings later. Had to introduce them. And yes the Pekins attacked them as intruders. We had to teach them they are family. It took some time.

The mallard duck mama killed her baby. Wildlife is hard. You never know what wildlife will do.

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