My Special Powers

Okay honestly I have to laugh about this post.

I was sent several screen shots from friend(s). I use the pural because several people sent me the same screen shots.

Okay I’ll call her DependaSally (oh did I just use the word DEPENDA as in a military spouse who either works from home or doesn’t work, spends majority of their time online, does not take care of their kids, does not take care of their house, spends all her active duty spouse’s money, etc. Cause yes she is defined by this by many military wives here).

DependaSally stated that I hacked her husband’s Facebook. 

Immediately all my friends who saw this in so many groups sent me screen shots. And we laughed so hard. Because honestly it is HARD to hack someone’s Facebook. You would have to know personal stuff, or have a certain set of skills.

I do not have hacking skills. My friends laughed sending me those screen shots because they know once I forgot the password to my computer and my husband had to “hack”into it (thank you windows command prompt). I began to laugh. I said to one friend “do you think I could apply to NSA just by the word of DependaSally that I can do this?”

I got sent screen shots of people questioning DependaSally and why she was accusing me. And even several pointing out how hard is it hack into someone’s Facebook. And magically DependaSally deletes her post like they are magically going to disappear.

For those of who you don’t know. Facebook is a giant database. So you say a mean thing to someone, and delete it. IT DOESN’T GET DELETED. It is saved in a very big storage farm. As one friend pointing out that many of them are in Oregon.

So hey if you’ve been liked DependaSally and made some statements on Facebook, and delete them like they didn’t happy. Sorry to inform you that is wrong. I don’t just mean by screenshots. 

Apparently I have special powers that I didn’t even know I had. Go me!! 

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