The Struggle for Living Space

Whenever you move one question that is always asked is where will we live.

Leaving Fallon for San Diego so I can get the level of health care I need.

Applied for housing. Even though EFM move can’t get into housing earlier on a wait list 6-8 months. So I started looking for a place.


I never thought having Koda would be an issue. But after calling apartment after apartments I heard several times Siberian Husky are on restricted breeds.

I had one apartment tell me I could get rid of our dog. Umm no I’ll just find an apartment that is friendlier with their dog policies.

I found some breed restrictions to be hilarious. Our English Bulldog was on one.


English Bulldogs are apartment dogs. I looked down at my loveable bulldog and told her she was on a restricted list. She sighed.

My pups are part of my life. And I won’t pick a home over them. Sorry, not sorry.

I thought I found the perfect place. But sadly they strung us along for over a week before no apartment. Being strung along set us back and set our hopes down.

Homeless was a word swirling around our heads. I heard my husband talking to our bulldog “well Lulu we might have to live out of the truck for a while”.

Oh wait I didn’t tell you. We didn’t call soon enough so we don’t have a hotel for over the 4th of July weekend.

The hunt for a place to move in this weekend is intense. This hunt has been happening since we got official orders. I didn’t want to look beforehand in case orders changed.

I do have an ideal spot to live. Call it like a circle but I want to live near this area to be close to base. I didn’t want to live south closer to Mexico due to traffic. I’ve been to San Diego before and the traffic can be bad. And I didn’t want my husband to be sitting in traffic to get to work or home. Looking like a 15 minute or less drive.

Of course I’d love to live in one area but I didn’t marry an actor or some CEO. I’d like to live in Little Italy or near Balboa but $$$ and we don’t have  $$$ maybe $.

If we didn’t have pets we wouldn’t have this issues. Hey why do you have to hate on my babies so much. They deserve a bone for this. Yup going to get them a bone or pig ear. Wait pig ear would make them happy.

They have no clue the struggle. Every apartment I called. That I’d end up just asking if huskies were on their ban list. Then hang up if they said yes. I stopped being nice about it after my 5th apartment. Because it would end up just get rid of the dog.

Nope. Never.

Apartment hunting sucks.

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