Packing with Sisters

I’m leaving soon to go visit my sisters.

I suffer from early packer syndrome okay might not be a syndrome, but it should be. I started setting aside stuff to pack a few weeks before my leave date and started packing last week.

This morning I thought I was all set.
And then one of my sisters asked if I had purple or silver nail polish.


Is that a trick question? Yes I bite my nails. But when I try to stop I buy new nail polish. Call it bribing myself. Oh I’m trying to stop again.


I think ‘take a photo and have her choose which purple’. I only have 2 silver and the one pictured is the best of the silver lol. Then I realized my error and PACK ALL THE PURPLE POLISH.

This lead to repacking…


All in all I repacked this day 3 times. Because the last time I forgot my flip flops.

Which may or may not have led to this…


Me throwing this shawl I made over my head and snapping a photo of it. Of course repacking it.

On the good news I get to be reunited with my sisters again.

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