I love WA

When my husband and I first found out we were PCSing to Washington we weren’t too sure.
This would be our first time PCSing together. It would also be our first time living on the West Coast.

I was excited to be able to live near Seattle. From seeing it on TV shows, Movies, and having friends live in the Seattle area I was super excited. And we would be finding out if the rain was a legend, myth, truth, etc.

I can honestly say the rain isn’t to bad. You just have to wear the right clothing. And yes I got rain boots to walk the dogs since one of them loves the rain and puddles.

One thing I can truly say is that I love is waking up to the view of Mt. Baker.

Not just Mt. Baker but…


Mt. Rainer. Yes the photo above is of Mt. Rainer. If it is a clear day I can see Mt. Rainer not too far away from where I live. Of course the closer to Seattle the better chance of seeing Mt. Rainer.


Speaking of Seattle… driving into Seattle this view never gets old. I mean you know you’re in Seattle the minute you see the Space Needle.

I love it in Washington. And sad we have to leave 😦
My husband (who is in the Navy in case you forgot) has soft orders for *************. Because they are soft orders not truly saying because anything can happen when the hard orders show up hurry up Navy. But I can say the soft orders are not for a base in Washington.

Waiting to hear officially where our next journey will be.

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