What I’ve been up ro

I haven’t blogged in a bit.

For nearly 2 years I’ve been dealing with hearing loss. Almost 2 years ago I was diagnosed with mild to moderate hearing loss.

I’ve had some symptoms. The good old ringing in the ear.

Sometimes I even completely lose the hearing in my ear. If something is at a high enough pitch, it will wipe my hearing out for a bit.

Let’s talk about my eyes too.

I can temporarily see!!

These past few months my eye sight has gotten worse.

Now a few months ago I got an eye exam. Well say 2 months before I noticed my eye sight was getting worse. I was told at this exam I didn’t need glasses. That my astigmatism I’ve had since I was young was gone.

Okay. That can happen. Astigmatism can come and go. But my eye sight began to get worse.

I had to change the color of the guide for our cable box. I was having a hard time reading the guide. I’ve tried wearing both pairs of glasses I have. A pair from my college years and one I got 2 years ago. Switching them out with no relief. Now remember not that long ago I was told I had 20/20.

Lately I’ve been finding myself finding a movie I want to watch. But I’ve switched it to a Latino station. When they start speaking Spanish I realize my mistake. My husband and I laughing about this. I didn’t want to admit to him I couldn’t see the channel writing (It’s a black background with white writing. The description of what is on is a blue background with white writing).

It has been progressively getting worse. Just getting blurry. To be honest I was getting worried by how bad it was getting.

Was it due to allergies? Sometimes my eyes gunk up when I’m around cats cause I’m allergic to them. Hmm…

My husband called me out one day. I read something one way and he corrected me. He said I needed glasses.

Few days later I complained to him I couldn’t read the guide. He gave me his old glasses. It’s a temporary fix until I can get this looked at.

I’m currently getting some testing done to figure out the hearing loss.

Having TMJ is hard. Is that why I’m losing my hearing and my eyes go in and out.

Hoping for answers soon.


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