Snap Chat Beware 

Yes I Snap Chat.

Normally I use Snap Chat for the filters. Download it to my phone and send it via text to people. Or post on Instagram or Facebook.

Some friends have added me and I’ve added them.

Well the other day I get a Snap Chat message from who I think is my son. I get a video of driving inside a car and some music. I sent a photo back with words over my face “don’t drive and Snap Chat”.

Then I get asked where I live. I hopped off Snap Chat and texted my son. It wasn’t him. It was his name but wasn’t him. Of course my son was surprised I Snap Chat. Hey yeah I do.

I mean where else can I be a mermaid.

Now I’ve gone through and doubled checked everyone I have on Snap Chat is someone I know. Deleted and blocked those who I thought I knew but really didn’t. A few had added me by friends names and I accepted thinking it was that friend.  But it wasn’t.

I’ve only Snap Chat via the app to certain people. But going through and getting rid of the people I didn’t know was better for safety.

Never give out where you live to someone you don’t know. Stay safe on Snap Chat.


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