Cancer Sucks


I can say 100% cancer sucks.

A few celebrities have died recently due to cancer.

But I’m a cancer survivor.

I remember the day I found out I had cancer. My OB-GYN’S office had left a message. I called back and got my doctors nurse. I asked about my pap smear.

I heard her read off my chart. And she perfectly described stage 1 cancer to a T.

At the time I was Pre-Med. I was actually working at the IU School of Medicine. I had taken biology classes. And when she said those words I said “I have cancer”. And she stuttered. She realized she made a mistake.

I didn’t truly have time to process it by the time I went back to the doctors to discuss options. All I could think was I NEED TO LIVE.

Deciding to take a larger biopsy. By the time I went back to get checked after the biopsy the section taken had doubled in size. I had a fast growing cancer.

So I just said it “remove my cervix”. By the time it was removed over 90% of it was stage 1 cancer.

I didn’t want chemo. I was in college and pretending nothing was wrong. I had to go in and get checked often to see if the cancer spread.

It wasn’t until later on at a college event fundraising for cancer. Each person had gone up and said how cancer had affected them. And I said I was a survivor of stage 1 cancer. And it shocked my friends.

That little secret I had was out.

But not everyone survives cancer.

My father die due to complications of prostate cancer.


When I found out he took a turn for the worse I ran out to him. And these photos are how I choose to remember my father.

Cancer has affected my life in various ways. Cancer sucks.

But please get checked for cancer. Don’t ignore anything. You never know what will happen.


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